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How to build a Garden Pond : Building a Water Garden

Build your own pond with Water Lilies

Since the Roman Empire we know the creativity of people in building a water garden with fishponds, fountains, waterfalls and connecting streams - all inside a wonderful garden landscape. Since centuries our ancestors knew how to build garden ponds, fountain gardens and impressive water garden designs.

Having these in mind it should be enough motivation for you to be sure that you can build your own pond in your garden or backyard. First you have to consider your Water Garden Pond Design about the Location to be sure that you build your own pond in an garden area with enough sunshine.

Also your garden pond's background noise you may have to consider and especially all pond construction plans. All water garden landscaping for your Garden Pond do-it-yourself. How to build a Garden Pond often goes together with following questions:

Garden Pond Ideas
for Koi Ponds
Japanese Garden Pond Design
Relax in nature and harmony
Japanese Water Garden

  • - how big and how deep you want to build your own pond
  • - will it be a fish pond, a farm pond or and simple plant pond
  • - do you have a preformed fiberglass pond or
  • - are you digging your own pond and building a with flexible pond liner

Who considers from the beginning all necessary Accident Prevention and Retention Pond Safety is building a safe water garden for kids and animals.

As a great enrichment to any garden landscape you can add fountains, streams and a waterfall to your water garden. Building a garden pond with Garden Pond Streams & Water Garden Waterfalls is not just a pleasure for you and your garden friends. It provides your pond with necessary oxygen and helps to keep the water in circulation.

How to build a Garden Pond : Build Your Own Pond

After all basic planning and garden pond design is done you start with your pond construction. Building a water garden with a preformed garden pond - mostly made out out one fiberglass element, you are limited to several forms and sizes, but the pond construction is relative easy to do.

All garden friends who made a garden plan for a big pond will prefer to design a pond on their own. Such free formed garden ponds are best made with pond liner to seal the water hole. Other techniques would be to build your own pond with loam or in loamy soil (a quite difficult, but very natural solution) or to build it with concrete (a much less natural pond design and a building, that cannot be changed easily).

As soon as all construction is finished you should bring in the electric installations. Garden Pond Pump & Fish Pond Filter guarantee a reliable water quality, but nevertheless you should check the water periodically and make water analysis to stay updated about the natural balance in your own pond. With special pond lighting might give yourself a mystical atmosphere throughout the whole garden landscape during evening and night.

At last your water garden needs garden pond soil for its different areas and water garden plants to crown the whole construction process. It works out best, if you start from deep zones to shallows.

There are various kinds of water garden plants that fit perfect into your different pond zones. Some species, like e.g. Water Lilies, you better keep within a plant pot, so they won't spread to much and it will be easy for you to move them indoor in cold seasons.

There are many choices for your Water Garden Plants. Tropical Outdoor Plants are a gorgeous enrichment for your garden landscape. Give your finished water garden a few months to find its balance. Even if you nearly can't wait, but before you bring in fish, make a water analysis to make sure that you provide a healthy environment for your silent new garden friends. No matter you've decided to build an Outdoor Fish Pond or Water Garden Design, in any case you will have to ensure the biological balance of your artificial lake. Periodically checks for Fish Diseases in a Garden Pond and the correct Fish Feeding in a Pond guarantees a healthy pond fauna. View water gardens in Flowering Plant Pictures | Tropical Plant Photos or Picture of Garden Ponds | Water Garden Picture.

Build your own Water Lilies Pond

During the year your water garden needs seasonal care. Important is Garden Pond Care in Spring and Winterizing a Garden Pond | Winter Care of Plants, fish and pond equipment to survive freezing temperatures with ice and snow on your own built pond.

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How to build a Garden Pond